By | 1 May 2012

where’s my donkey : thursday evening

catch the train,
seagulls circling
Central Station

catch a bus
pick up a paint chart,

at the gallery –
Korea and Kinglake
photography exhibitions


a very thin man
in Oxford Street
in red leather pants

talk on Eastside Radio
read two poems

at the bus stop
long haired boys –
regenerate fashion,
arrive & go by
really quickly –
I had to live through
the entire decades!


catch a bus,
redhead woman driver
playing jazz piano cd
loudly, in the bus
(suits the traffic)

catch the train,
seagulls gone to Pyrmont,
night workers
eating chocolates & chips


walk to the seafood shop
buy the dory, grilled

walk home


I am the donkey : saturday afternoon

step onto the crossing,
lift palm to car,
thanks driver.
quicken pace, cross smartly,
‘why do I do that
why do I want to live
am I depressed?’

Scottish sentimentality –
car alarm with violin



I pass the donkey : tuesday morning

walk to the bus stop
(forgot my watch & silver ring)
open umbrella,
light rain shower

catch the sad bus
through the streets
sad blocks of flats

paint swatches
(I must remember)

what colour the door?
the brick fence, what colour?

coffee at Zoo,
hair colour in the arcade

buy underwear,
blue, mauve,
& stripey

buy preserving jar

honey, celtic sea salt
& iodised sea salt

carrot & celery juice,
the juice maker
takes ages
to juice the vegetables

almost miss the bus

quickly buy the newspaper,
here’s the bus

winding back
past Centennial Park

there’s the donkey,
no, it’s a horse


here are the streets
the sad flats
& here’s
the Cauliflower Hotel

listen to Patti Smith ‘Twelve’
(Changing of the Guards!)
on an ipod
on the bus

on the move
but in the clouds


thought stuck,
pinned down

stupid under
a roaring sky


there is no donkey : friday night

hazard lights
in the bus lane

remove the number plate,
the driver
brays drunkenly

going home
to make a poem
(this one)
to give my problems
to you, reader


everything fails
when all else fails,
when all else

some of what I think
is a piece of crap
some of what I know
is worse

some things I say
shouldn’t be said

my heart,
my feelings towards you,
my straight ahead empathy,
in the right place

nearly home,
the streets seem dark

enter the house,
hug you,
my synthetic coat

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