Hobart, 2003, Back to the Colonial Times

By | 12 May 2004

1. the writer arrives from melbourne
            the city changes, banned

2. a public gallery, 3pm, he farts 3 times
            within the hearing of a copying student, female

3. he goes to a session & he hears this woman say
            “my mood picked up when sales did”

4. he quits immediately after & wonders
            can't she stop saying “sort of” every 2 adjectives?

5. he randomly switches on the holy bible, red
            77.1 says: “I cried out to God with my voice”

6. he shits a 2nd time, after the lit. session
            & 3 pieces of crumbed fish & chips

7. he remembers last night this man telling him
            when someone eats meat he opens all the windows, wide

8. he rings his wife & her voice rings:
            “I thought your plane has crashed”

9. he gets an email on his mobile
            a susan wood says: call me on 0428 200 188 this minute

10. he says fuck & fuck he says again
            remembering this familiar face that totally ignores his greeting

11. a great opportunity of e-w communion is lost when the white man comes to sit
            next to him, no words, each smoking his own root

12. as it is always lost when the writer is once again
            paired with others of color

13. chips help generate gases in his bowels
            as traffic generates movement in this slow city

14. to get published in australia sometimes means
            you have to wait till someone dies even though that someone may be yourself

15. so i bring him with me everywhere we go
            & about a very good friend of mine he says: he is a snake

16. & he imagines that to be true
            & is going to tuck it in, like his bed-sheet

17. at 47, he feels he'd gone so high
            that he needs to go lower than hell

18. when you don't have a heavy history, you end up with a heavy body,
            he thinks as he sips bad English tea at salamanca place

19. sitting perfectly in the sun day after noon
            the man, white, looks out of a painting

20. it breaks his heart to see
            so many stars fallen & darkened in a 2nd hand bookshop

21. he tells the swedish woman: you can't change anything unless
            you do it by physically fighting

22. that's the no-way, better than your 4th way
            like the fighting maoris, not the giving up aboriginals

23. [                                                                                    ]
            left blank for anyone to fill in

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