State of Origin

By | 1 April 2011

“This is Hodges’ outstanding winger
Steve Price swallowed
up by Lockyer’s tackle

They’ve been together a long time
– as mates

[…] Back to the sideline &
finish him off!

Turn that left hand Carney!

“An intended intercept should nullify –
They’ve just been bamboozled
Hodges runs into a gap
double knock on

– nullify he was
waving his arms in the air nullifying

“He’s a good ‘un, he’s a Queenslander
Smith. Queenslander.
Slater. Queenslander.
Folau. Queenslander.

“Lockyer puts a soft ball on the stomach of Carney
He’s been used sparingly tonight Lockyer

gets the hand out

They are revved up and ready to rumble
(It’s like running into a blacksmith’s anvil)

“This is where we started the game.
With enormous enthusiasm

Tonight We’ve Got the Chance to Divert
the Good Australia Even Further

Smith’s Over the line! In fact, Slater
threw him over the line. Very Solid defence

can’t see it from that angle? Or was it elevated
it was elevated

“The […] rule in this game
Can be confusing for the average punter.

Benefit of the doubt try,


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