Go out to be in time

By | 1 April 2011

in memory of Stuart Rynsburger

1 after Kim Hyesoon

Turn out the light, you hurt
the night. ‘When you look at me I feel
I should change.’

The day of the first snow
the snow was nowhere
to be seen. Cover your self

with its memory –
a cloud of flour over
hundreds of wooden chopping boards.


Pillows are stuffed with feathers – so much
for the early bird. The worm
hides from the sun,

the sun that is neutral but burns.
If there was a blade of grass I would blow through it
until out of breath, like you.

No one does most things. How well is irrelevant
to most things. They go on, they don’t
regardless. ‘All the best’ we said, knowing better.

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