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voluminous shawl, blue with white over her head

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Go out to be in time

in memory of Stuart Rynsburger 1 after Kim Hyesoon Turn out the light, you hurt the night. ‘When you look at me I feel I should change.’ The day of the first snow the snow was nowhere to be seen. …

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Simply by Sailing in a New Direction

for Arjen Duinker   1 Christ Child with Whirligig (Bosch) twirling until Kingdom Come. The Word is like the hold of a ship: Heemskerck, its timbers shivering in a spring tide, heavy with antiques from the New World.   * …

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Under Government and Restraint: Tim Jones Interviews David Howard

After serving as a pyrotechnics supervisor for acts such as Metallica and Janet Jackson, New Zealand poet David Howard retired to Purakanui in order to write. His collaboration with photographer Fiona Pardington, How To Occupy Our Selves, was published in 2003.

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