From Northbourne Ave

By | 16 August 2019
How vulnerable the body's archive

                        reproduction and memory 

a banner juts out a banner juts out pure vector two or three mediocre feelings inscrutable protesters and their certainty and their tough white crosses what life is like scabrous raked-over pine witches hats in bleached or shaded settings
place attaching to symptoms–––is this bias? is
is movement like air it's how we live * clouds floating on windscreens one-liners I'm interested in that
no airflow apology no airflow Would you try again? Or give up? no airflow Ask for help? Give and give? no airflow * altered foliage living memory, impression realm seems disinterested across but never to: tentatively perceived housing aptitude––asset the light eagling decades END palms effort it happened, you were there landslip, roaming, a detour * the person of the place / everyone we knew / abetting / from here / flat country

invigilation of the public bitumen inland, scrubby, day day day turn back reports of an assailant turn backs selection criteria fate the wrong way recycling that memory distractible 2000s crime air * double dream spring spring warming bump––bloom as if you were born an angel watcher reader this belief what life is like temporary something new is getting started; bureaucratic (unpeopled) and so clean
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