blood loss

16 August 2019
closing stone
you and me in
     apartment complex

blue dreaming
in the soft of night air
you nurse a fever
           pale water
           rushing to your head

of course there are
rules that we follow

hold raw flesh in one hand and
signal small fires to burn
around my body

i peruse
     the dense grass
     that keeps me hidden from the others

blood stain
thickens in the carpet

when i am not blind i notice
that your body lies
across the ground
          your legs twisted into
shape of crossbow
     hallway          bends with your echo

i meet your mother in the morning
if you stare long enough
her skin will shade itself
                  into dark wine

the bedroom window is moonless
hear your whispers but i get you to
verify your identity through each
cup of tea smashed across the floor

you are swollen in my arms
to keep you there
i think of the colours
that wake inside of you

different winds
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About Mitch Tomas Cave

Mitch Tomas Cave is based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. His work has appeared in Australian Poetry Anthology, Cordite, Rabbit, Voiceworks, Plumwood Mountain, and numerous others. His manuscript, How to Eat Fire and Why, was shortlisted for the 2018 Subbed In Chapbook Prize.

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