nightmares, or side effects may include

By | 1 August 2018

i dream a lot
i dream of a man wandering a forest
smoke exalting from his shoulder blades

i become paint
wrapped around my skin

i move like rain
and swallow moonlight for dinner

when dawn comes
i hide myself beneath
a blanket of wind

the man returns to me
moments before i wake

he tells me that water is coming
says it will fill me up
heavy with gold through my body
he tells me
it will make me whole again

the water becomes a spectrum of light
exiting the cave of my fingertips

lemonade begins
to shut down my organs

i become swans
hunting lake water for diamond rings

when naked men visit the edge of water
the swans hide enfolded in liquid silk

in my dream
mexico becomes heaven
for women carrying fire opals
in their coat pockets

last night
suburban dogs find solace
in a meth addict’s backyard

goldfinches get married in a tree
then fall to their death
i get a tattoo of it

machine guns followed me home
until i fed them with halo water

tonight i bathe with mermaids
in a moss pool
eclipsed around my thighs

men with paradise skin find me
lying on a black sand beach
overdosed mirtazapine pooling
from my mouth

my collection of spiders
crawl behind my eyeballs

in my dream i shave my head
then commit suicide later that evening

and then i wake

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