By | 1 August 2018

I wake up with a toothache
violin lesson pain
on the lower left side
nothing for it
the infection will drain
to my heart and I’ll probably die
better phone mother
and apologize
I didn’t make it, ma
I’ll email some notes
for the eulogy
and a list of people
not to invite
actually, ask anyone you like
I go out
pace the day like a
beach towel in the spin cycle
Colgate grit crunch at the place
where molars meet
bus, my salvation
I saw one once
crush a man in High Street
apologize to mother
that’s no way to think
but oh so easy
so so easy
I get the five sixty
free food jazz bar shout me a drink
pethidine grapes
I’m no connoisseur
but it feels like a pretty good year
double thumb bass dude
rifling in my entrails
triple crotchet something something
look at all the kids in here
rhythm from the toes
to the tingle tips where lipstick smears
they’re going to make it, ma
lazy youth today look
they’ve nothin’ but the music
that A diminished gonna drain
to my heart and kill me
just like that
imagine that
dropped into a kidney tray
all my fear
with a delicate hi-hat ting
I’ll give it another year, mother
and call you happy birthday

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