Four Women in New York in the Late 90s

By | 1 August 2018

It must be hard to have a baby
with an insipid man-child who
while still being the best boyfriend of all your friends’ boyfriends
is a bad lover and dad. Oh Miranda—
it must be hard to have a baby and an insipid man-child
boyfriend and a law career, which is why I always thought I would be Carrie
even though she is a bitch on the show and in real life
even though she only ever wears $1,500 shoes and dates
badly, even though her boyfriend is probably named after the size
of his penis I thought I would be her—
it must be hard. But now that I’m older
Sex And The City is a very old dog that has been taken
to the vet and put, gently, to sleep
and is remembered fondly, like this cat whose picture and dates of birth and
death are displayed in a frame in a front window I walk past sometimes
but instead it’s marathons of episodes and when you watch them
you realise that nobody really cared about representational politics
on television in the late 90s, not even in New York and you,
if you are me, also realise
that maybe you are not Carrie
or even Samantha, who doesn’t love anybody and beat cancer
and worked at a Dairy Queen once
when she was a teenager even though all her friends came from money—no
you realise that you are Charlotte
or perhaps aspire to be Charlotte
who married her divorce lawyer and adopted a baby
and who lives on Park Avenue, and the only thing she wants from life
is a nice set of plates from which to eat her Chinese takeout

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