Civil Wrong

By | 1 May 2015

Coming to the nuisance a house falls
abandonment (of residence)
abandoned intellectual property
know-how and the tort of false light
spreads falsehood freely and without recourse

Eggshell skull, trespass to chattels
reprobation, reversal of approval
the face of the earth and everything
of a permanent nature over or under it
including structures and minerals

Discontinued search engines
tenancy at will and at sufferance
freehold, nonfreehold and concurrent estates
incorporeal interests and trade secrets
wrongfully acquired by another

Detinue: an action for the wrongful detention of goods
negligent cryptomnesia, injurious falsehood
the phrase “white-collar crime”
coined in 1939 to include
persons of respectability and high social status
As a curtain raiser to future losses
entrapment and mental troubles
disappointment and inconvenience
headlines are people who have fallen ill
with subpar results​​

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