Kate Lilley

Kate Lilley's first book of poems, Versary (Salt 2002), won the Grace Leven Prize. Her second, Ladylike (UWAP 2012), was shhortlisted for the NSW Premier's Prize and chosen as one of the best books of the year by ABR and The Age/SMH. She has also published two chapbooks with Vagabond, most recently Realia (2014). She is an Associate Professor of English at the University of Sydney.


Young men 18 to 35 caucasian defendants naked or partly clothed variously posed Statue of David style around the yard and inside the judge’s home bending over aluminium cans shot from behind in positions amounting to forced labour A light …

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Mortalities Memorandum

For her to die like that nobody there not screaming for morphine in the ICU Help! Help! Come here! Rub my feet! A good death is humble noble lonely cancer is lonely writing is lonely Get it out on the …

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To request the presence or attendance of to wish, long (to be, have, do) to ‘toe a line,’ meaning stand in a row Of things: to require, need, demand a vehement pang, eyther of bodie or mynde zealous pursuit of …

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Civil Wrong

Coming to the nuisance a house falls abandonment (of residence) abandoned intellectual property know-how and the tort of false light spreads falsehood freely and without recourse Eggshell skull, trespass to chattels reprobation, reversal of approval the face of the earth …

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