By | 1 November 2017

Young men 18 to 35
caucasian defendants naked or partly clothed
variously posed Statue of David style

around the yard and inside the judge’s home
bending over aluminium cans shot from behind
in positions amounting to forced labour

A light spanking for minor violations
or misdemeanour citations for example
Person A: marijuana Person B: traffic

The paddle appearing in 4600+ photographs
under pretense of documenting community service
and identified by multiple witnesses as belonging to the judge

was deployed for personal gain
in return for an adjudication of not guilty or dismissal
(do not destroy or otherwise dispose of this paddle)

To the charge of using the robe for benefit
Cross County District Judge Joe Boeckmann answered
I do not want to speak on those matters and stepped down

Shelba Ward lifelong resident of Wynne Arkansas
interviewed while shopping in a downtown thrift store
said everyone knew his court was like a TV show

He’d talk to them like they were a dog
then give them his number
she’d grown up with him even hired him a few times

Mayor Bob Stacy said it was sad to talk about it
sad for him sad for the victims
sad for the city with a smile

Taxpayers had been deprived of fines and fees
but revenue was through the roof now
it was a good day for the Delta

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