6-word stories (50 of them)

By | 1 November 2016

1. BBQ: Zero separation, bed being the body.
2. Title, to Come: Music, alive, a fruit of fingers.
3. Each and Every Morning, Electronic Cleansing: Click. Click. Click. No emails coming.
4. Eight for Six, Reduction: No agitation. Peace and quiet, please.
5. Mulberry Fields Now: People mountain. People sea. Haze, too.
6. They are Here to Clean It Up Again: Man plays sex during brain surgery.
7. A Ship is Singing in the Air: Publish him when dead, for free.
8. 6-word Stories Ought to Have Titles: Thinking someone else’s thoughts: mind surfing.
9. Happiness: To be unemployed, to be Australian.
10. That Chink Poet, Possibly: In 200 years, but not now.
11. Excerpt from a Foreword to a New Book in His Ancestral Land: Australia now home;
China: a non-home.
12. Missing You: Old rain. New arrival. A heartthrob.
13. History: Terribly wrong, something went terribly right.
14. A Cosmetic Future: Sky, injected with botox. Looking better.
15. Development a Hard Reason: Everything’s bigger in a haze, China-made.
16. A Secret Shared is: Freedom: a bullet force-bought to kill.
17. Always Excuses: US-made mistakes: innocents killed en masse.
18. A PhD Proposal: History of anger: Herstory of d/anger.
19. White and Fleshy: T. Te. Tea. Tear. Teary. T/ear/y.
20. Postmodern Ways: Love you so: credit cards please!
21. Futures: Heaven: a vast balance sheet. Missing.
22. Posthumously Published: Cigarette-butts, joined with a writer butt.
23. Post-disappearance Theory: An MH370 love, still to surface.
24. Mind to Map: Theories of deconstruction, and of destruction.
25. The Limit: Beyond sky. Beyond yuniverse. Beyond beyond.
26. According to a 90-year Old: Recipe 4 longevity: Eat less than thought.
27. Rain is a Birdless Affair: Dream in company; vacated by Dreamer.
28. Time to Depart to a Parallel Planet: Poetry is nothing but rubbish, transformed.
29. Once Were Lotus Feet: Shanghigh-heels. Shanghai eels. Hanging separately. De-sexed.
30. Art as Death: Boundary-crossed, living the death, as animals.
31. ‘His aim was dark to her.’
32. ‘We speak English in this country!’
33. Not lonely wolf; lonely orchid, thought-wise.
34. Serial monogamist; serial lovist; serial thinker.
35. Victorian middle-class, Australian middle-class. Little difference.
36. ‘The only retreat was her bedroom.’
37. People do and the skies watch.
38. Warning to men: she withdraws love.
39. The sky-mirror: reflecting a human haze.
40. Men-editors in China: Sex for publication.
41. National Teachers Day for national indifference.
42. Officials? No. A poet hates it.
43. Love: how much does it weigh?
44. In the eyes of Japan: Nanjing.
45. China of fake blondes: like West.
46. A restaurant toilet, of shat food.
47. Get to the truth. Say little.
48. Books translate into 书, that’s 输.
49. Like West, like China, vice versa.
50. Magazines of bullet holes. Word bullets.

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