17 and 40

By | 29 October 2012

As Cordite Poetry Review approaches its 17th year and, in 48 hours from now, its 40th issue – atypical milestones – I wanted to scribble out a brief blog-post-moment to reflect on the stupendous and unlikely fact that Cordite is not only still around, but thriving. But was that so unlikely? Things began strongly with Adrian Wiggins and Peter Minter, then the publication was boosted into the stratosphere with David Prater’s astonishing eleven years on the joystick. Cordite’s history has accumulated an impressive alumni and current masthead, and it’s an honour to now be amongst that company. I’ll leave it at that before I descend into mawkishness.

Issue 40: INTERLOCUTOR is going to be the second-biggest yet (I think OZ-KO will retain the mantle of biggest for a while, although I suspect issue 50 will usurp both), and by biggest, I mean the greatest number selectable links for you to explore. Not a florid way to tout this fact, but so it goes. Unfortunately, our work with Filmakademie Baden-Wuerttemberg planned for this issue will have to wait until January 2013 for publication.

Issue 41: TRANSPACIFIC is fomenting to make an intriguing statement of geopoetics. It will be a little smaller and of a more manageable size. But you still have time to submit! Issue 41 will feature our first two Cordite Scholarly articles.

Over the summer of 2012/2013? We’re going to once again shatter any confines of a theme-based submissions window with NO THEME II becoming wide open on 1 December, 2012.

What is most important on the eve of year 17 and issue 40 is that thanks go out to all readers of and submitters to Cordite Poetry Review. Full stop.

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