Brutalism: Poems by Alex Creece

By | 16 August 2019
Gumnut Assorteds for supper   
Dry dust snorted            with weak earl grey
          Before 8pm doses 		    when they     			find 			Me 
In a courtyard of stiff chairs and hazy      e dge s
                 Made    h  a  z  i  e  r
 While I   Make                          c   r   a   z   i   e   r   ¿

I hoard sprinkles secret colours in my ice cream Loud walls of chipped beige gnawed vibrant by chipped teeth They take me out for an afternoon on a cotton candy Ferris wheel Amusement park tragedy of a dying child’s wish We’re having fun I think so
It may as well live inside my skin Like every tiny dust mite That fucks and fights for survival In pores scrubbed raw but never unfilthy Until I just Exfoliate with dirt Feeding the slugs and symptoms W o v e n into neurology
☒ “Try some b r e a t h i n g exercises” But I ☑ Try instead screeching for benzodiazepines soothing ocean sounds like parrots on tensed shoulders We describe ourselves as seasons Mary is the midsummer her voice dry with the heritage and heartbreak of a family who will never visit I ramble about crunchy leaves, vomit and screams But she says No matter who we are today We all become the Fall
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