Birth-Controlled Dyke

By | 25 November 2019

Butter me up
with hormone heresy
Butter me up, butterfuck
so I don’t get
in the street
consequence evaporates
like dormant
spiders in crumpets
doubling bubbling
toilet troubles
two-minute eternity in a piss-fingered cubicle
where our futures sweat with butter.

Butter me up
with a bulletproof body
Butter me up, buttercuck
so I don’t have to beg when they

S p r e a d m e
for break fast
threatening incontinence
and plumbing a pipe dream
just let me avoid the medical bill
of predators on parole
but you still want your bread and butt- butt- butter
from contraceptive camouflage
low-rent lesbians.
Butter me up
with barrenness
Butter me up
without excuses
that still m
t in your mouth
splu tt t te r ing
that I am
parannoyed by a delusion turned destiny
hysterical for hysterectomy
tongue-tied or tubular
lather us smother us
unmother us.
Just butter me up,

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