My Kitchen Counter Said

By | 18 June 2017

My kitchen counter said
To invest
My best bit first

Then my legs
Then kitchen counter said to curl my legs
And twitch them in the air

And squeeze squeeze
Squeeze air
Counter said

Surface-wise my animal is quite naturalistic
What is my navel if not for you
Inside and thus

After awe limps out from the poem
Nothing sexier than that

Nothing sexier than that
Has ever happened to me
I moan and moan

But my mouth is empty
Like even of sound
Like some even duller thing

Natural law
Is sweet
It’s sweet like an apple

Like an apple
Gagging too soon
Like brown hair

But my best bit
But my best
Best bit

You were so happy
Now you are happy
My counter said

Make my round ones
I invent my spine
And my pelvis veins there

Can you lift my arm
I am afraid
I have lost the plunger

I will

Blue veined, veined one
Veined and sweet red
Like an eye

Veined and gone
Thighs crushing laminex

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