Urvi Majumdar

Urvi Majumdar is a comedian, writer and producer living and working in Naarm. She has work published in Cordite, Rabbit and Verge journals. She has created and performed in four shows for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and has credits on screen and stage including the character of Gwen Albridge on Channel 9's Metrosexual. She also works as the Creative Workshops Producer at Footscray Community Arts.

Stand-up Comedy: A Scene of Paradoxes

After one year, 80 gigs and countless nights worrying, I finally told my parents I did stand-up comedy.

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Vorticist Portraiture in Mina Loy’s Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose

Mina Loy’s book-length poem Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose (1923-25) essentially presents an alternative, revised understanding of the modernist figure of the artist through a ‘polyglot’ language and avant-garde form (Perloff, English as a Second Language, online.). I argue in this essay that each of the characters within the poem is constructed through a Vorticist model, which also encompasses elements of Futurist and Cubist theory, as well as structurally incorporating Steinian poetics.

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