Urvi Majumdar

Urvi Majumdar completed her Honours in Literature from Monash University in 2014. She has been teaching English and Literature for the last two years at Victoria University Secondary College. She has developed a love for poetry through her studies and has had work published in Verge and Rabbit magazines.

Vorticist Portraiture in Mina Loy’s Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose

Mina Loy’s book-length poem Anglo-Mongrels and the Rose (1923-25) essentially presents an alternative, revised understanding of the modernist figure of the artist through a ‘polyglot’ language and avant-garde form (Perloff, English as a Second Language, online.). I argue in this essay that each of the characters within the poem is constructed through a Vorticist model, which also encompasses elements of Futurist and Cubist theory, as well as structurally incorporating Steinian poetics.

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