Timmah Ball

Timmah Ball is a non-fiction writer and occasional poet whose work is influenced by working across urban planning and research. She grew up in Birrarung-ga/Melbourne but her heritage is Ballardong Noongar on her mother’s side. In 2017 she won the Westerly Magazine Patricia Hackett Prize and has written for a range of publications and anthologies.

Her mother thinks she’s a lesbian

Mother: those books Daughter: which ones? Mother: feminist ones Daughter: seriously? Mother: you’re feminist? Daughter: no, it’s white1 Mother: your books are about feminism Daughter: half of them are by men Mother: what about Bad Feminist Daughter: that’s Roxane Gay …

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Morning Tea

detour via another Reconciliation Week morning tea a line of councillors shake hands with Uncle Bryon Murphy but mob rarely show my boss coarsely informs me as the town hall fills before 10.30 and newly elected polies broker promises with …

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Review Short: Charmaine Papertalk-Green’s and John Kinsella’s False Claims of Colonial Thieves

False Claims of Colonial Thieves weaves together two disparate voices, Charmaine Papertalk-Green and John Kinsella, in a demanding collection that reaffirms the troubling environmental era we are living through. Structurally, the book shifts between traditionally oppositional views – an Aboriginal woman and a white man.

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Southside Dreaming on Truganini Road

The Gertrude Contemporary crew Head out to Preston Blak Fitzroy long gone White-collar types the norm They buy another white cube To articulate their view Down the 86-tram on High With a striking fluorescent sign Asymmetrically dressed artists stare listlessly …

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Review Short: Maxine Beneba Clarke’s Carrying the World

At the launch of Carrying the World, Maxine Beneba Clarke shared the mic with spoken word performers who were part of her decade long journey in poetry. The poignancy of Clarke’s gesture demonstrates how embedded she is in a literary community that erases the distinction between ‘high art’ (page) poetry and the spoken word.

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