Maxine Beneba Clarke

Review Short: Maxine Beneba Clarke’s Carrying the World

At the launch of Carrying the World, Maxine Beneba Clarke shared the mic with spoken word performers who were part of her decade long journey in poetry. The poignancy of Clarke’s gesture demonstrates how embedded she is in a literary community that erases the distinction between ‘high art’ (page) poetry and the spoken word.

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Rachael Briggs Reviews Maxine Beneba Clarke

The blurb at the back of the book touts nothing here needs fixing as ‘a stunning attack on the pretentious white male gits who see poetry as an exalted profession to keep away from those who are loud, black, female, happy, or even in possession of lives outside poetry.’

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Four Cutups from MBC

Click the image to launch the show …

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Plantation Rumours

[audio:] Plantation Rumours (2:14)

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