Southside Dreaming on Truganini Road

By | 1 February 2018

The Gertrude Contemporary crew
Head out to Preston
Blak Fitzroy long gone
White-collar types the norm

They buy another white cube
To articulate their view
Down the 86-tram on High
With a striking fluorescent sign

Asymmetrically dressed artists stare listlessly
Gathered on industrial concrete floors
Sculptural minimalism and half-finished interiors
Forever transformed by some object on a wall

A row of empty clean skins and a couple of long necks
Clutter the bins as the crowd starts to leave
The grand opening soared
And an over eager intern is ready
To mop up the floor
On his hands and knees
As the curator heads home
Entangled in his new
Piece of sex on the side

Marcus Westbury is doing his best
To save the others still trapped by Collingwood / Fitzroy’s housing gloom
He finds an old building
With a faded Keith Haring
And re-erects the vandalised walls

For all the white middle class
Still working in the arts
Dreaming of a new place
To mount their break out shows

So, I head home
To Truganini Rd
Not an artist in sight
Down the Cranbourne / Pakenham line

Just mum and me
Watching blonds on TV
With their television tits
And chemically straight hair
Talking shit in spiked heels
So effortlessly

No culture around
On this side of town
Just the occasional dream of what used to be

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