Stephen Muecke

Stephen Muecke is Jury Chair of English Language and Literature at the University of Adelaide, South Australia. He is a writer (a recent publication is The Mother’s Day Protest and Other Fictocritical Essays, 2016); cultural theorist (a special edition of New Literary History: “Recomposing the Humanities—with Bruno Latour”, 2016); has a long history of work with the Goolarabooloo people (a new edition of Paddy Roe’s Gularabulu: Stories from the West Kimberley appeared in 2016); and is a translator (Isabelle Stengers, Another Science is Possible, and Stengers with Tobie Nathan, Doctors and Healers, both 2018).

Externalising the Symptom: Radicalised Youth and The Membrane

I was radicalised in my youth. I came back from a year in Paris in ’68-69 with my parents, and went to Monash University, a ‘radical’ campus when it was new. I was not a leader; I was still too young for that, but being radical was a trend.

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Introduction to Tony Birch’s Broken Teeth

Cover design by Zoë Sadokierski Don’t think you’ll get away with lightly reading these Tony Birch poems. They are not just words whistling on the wind. They come laden with other gifts. With a whole place: Melbourne. With a long …

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Sustaining Oral Tradition: A Preface to Bulu Line: A West Kimberley Song Cycle

Stuart Cooke’s translation of George Dyuŋgayan’s Bulu Line: A West Kimberley Song Cycle: I cannot over-emphasise the importance of this kind of work. Australians are only too familiar with the significance and value of Indigenous arts as part of the national heritage and of the contemporary repertoire. We are familiar, but they still take us by surprise.

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