Israel Holas Allimant

Israel Holas Allimant was born in Chile and recently completed his PhD on Roberto Bolaño's polyphonic narrative fiction. Israel has translated poetry by Ennio Moltedo, Nicanor Parra and others from the original Spanish into English. Israel has also worked on translations of the work of contemporary Chinese poet Da Tui, together with Steve Brock. He recently published the book Contrahegemonías: los límites de la política Occidental según el caso de los Zapatistas y los Piqueteros and is currently completing a manuscript about Roberto Bolaño’s writing as part of the vanguardist movement Infrarrealismo.

Israel Holas Allimant Reviews Poems of Olga Orozco, Marosa Di Giorgio & Jorge Palma

In 2017, Vagabond Press launched its Americas Poetry Series. This is a brave and much needed venture, one that borders on the quixotic: an Australian editor offering publications from poets from the Americas to the Australian reading public, for the love of poetry and the art of translation. So far, the series has three excellent entries focused on the translation of Spanish language Latin American poets into English.

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Farewell Sweet Ladybird: A Manifesto and Three Chronicles by Pedro Lemebel (1952–2015)

Pedro Lemebel (1952-2015) | Carla Pinilla | El Mercurio | Taken on 23/01/2015 Pedro Segundo Mardones Lemebel, known as Pedro Lemebel because he rejected his father’s surname in favour of his mother’s maiden name, was born in El Zanjón de …

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A Kind of Synopsis

I could write clearly, I could write without so many nooks and crannies, without so many useless twists and turns. I could write telegraphically for the globe, symmetrically, in order to appease the languages that have submitted and kneeled to …

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Manifesto (I Speak For My Difference)

I’m not Pasolini asking for explanations I’m not Ginsberg expelled from Cuba I’m not a fag disguised as poet I don’t need a disguise Here is my face I speak for my difference I defend what I am And I’m …

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For My Sadness: Blue Violet

The first of November has just passed, the only day of the year in which families migrate en masse to holy grounds and the various cemeteries that the marketplace of death has on offer. If on that day you don’t …

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The Rettig Dossier

There were many blows, so much love destroyed and blasted into the open by the violence of the raids. There were so many times that they asked us about them, over and over again, as if they were returning the …

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