Alan Wearne

Alan Wearne's most recent books of poetry are all from Giramondo: The Australian Popular Songbook (2008), Prepare the Cabin for Landing (2012) and These Things Are Real (2017). As well he is the publisher of Grand Parade Poets, which has produced 12 books of Australian poetry since 2011.

Alan Wearne Reviews Ross Gibson

This is a volume of (mainly) prose poems, derived by its compiler/adaptor/author Ross Gibson, from a large dossier of New South Wales Police records. If these can be described as ‘found’ poems (even if they have been edited) it would be as likely to refer to them as ‘accidental’.

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Mixed Business

The speaker is… Reliable as anyone I’ve known, Bob Arnold is the kind of man for whom life works because (please excuse my sentimental aphorisms) he loves life’s work; he’s lucky too, since he makes his luck: wife, two girls, …

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NO THEME Editorial

The young PhD was applying for a ‘Theory for Practising Writers’ teaching position in a Creative Writing degree. He had devised a three year course, the first year of readings, lectures, tutorials and essays which though extending as far back …

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Walker Norris: Magicked Away

“When D’arcy Niland’s novel The Shiralee came out in the mid-fifties, the Australian film industry was in its twenty-five year coma, but such was the book’s popularity that film rights were quickly snapped up by overseas interests and the film …

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Ballade for Alan Gould

Alan Wearne is one of Australia's most important poets. He is one of the foremost exponents of the verse novel in the world. His works include The Nightmarkets and The Lovemakers: Volume 1 &2.

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Girls on the Avenue

Read Alan Wearne's “My Old Man's A Groovy Old Man”, from our Driver issue.

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My Old Man’s a Groovy Old Man

Alan Wearne is an internationally renowned poet and verse novelist. His book The Lovemakers won Book of the Year and the Kenneth Slessor Prize for poetry at the NSW Premier's Literary Awards in 2002. Part Two of The Lovemakers is being published in 2004. He is a Melbourne poet who lives and works in the Illawara & Fremantle.

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