Girls on the Avenue

By | 17 May 2004

Waddayamean you've never seen 'Pure Shit'?
A titles-to-credits rampage of black Melbourne wit

meets the scorers and the scored: so so so beyond bewdy
seeing it's near enough to a patriotic duty.

And here's where the girls come in: permed, waxed, douched and flossed
once the avenue's crossed

they'll be slippin' up o-kay! (There's a fortune a day
just pulling cocks!) Whilst here, in that washed and grainy way

we are just are, the story so far: I'm alive you're alive,
and if this isn't '74 this sure is '75,

the dawning of The Age of Near Enough Victimless Sin
( which is, as I've said, where the girls come in).

Don't But but but but me sport. It's obscene
you've never caught 'Pure Shit'-waddayamean?

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