My Old Man’s a Groovy Old Man

1 March 2004

…and the old girl’s macro stroppy, razor honed.
So shouldn’t I just go out, score heaps and get us both totally stoned?

Like, her ex my dad my dad, that alpha and omega pisser,
has run off to the Sunshine Coast with…Larissa?

Okay ‘lurv’. I kinda admire it, but I’d rather go dead
than think my best friend could be giving my father…head?

So, when I get to see him and he’s all earstud ‘n’ lovebite
(hoho, whose been helping you codependent through the night?)

and familial interaction seems the least of his chores:
‘Err how’s y’mother, Princess?’ Jeez Pop, jeez Pop, how’s yours?

The embarrassment! He’s fifty one, she’s twenty four,
so wouldn’t you move further than Maroochydore?

There’s better, it’s worse but, the Get this! fun begins.
They run this motel, see? And she’s expecting, she’s expecting…twins?

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Alan Wearne's most recent books of poetry are all from Giramondo: The Australian Popular Songbook (2008), Prepare the Cabin for Landing (2012) and These Things Are Real (2017). As well he is the publisher of Grand Parade Poets, which has produced 12 books of Australian poetry since 2011.

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