Valerie Mejer Caso

Shattered Writing: 4 Translated Valerie Mejer Caso Poems from Edinburgh Notebook

Early in my translation of Edinburgh Notebook, the fifth book by Mexican poet Valerie Mejer Caso, I find a key. It is the epigraph to the final section, a line by Edmond Jabès: ‘All shattered writing has the form of a key.’ Not only is Jabès – the 20th century Jewish Egyptian poet who was long exiled in France – a fascinating reference point for Mejer Caso, whose own migratory poetics extends from a family history of immigrations and disrupted ties to place.

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Distance Theory | Teoría de la distancia

Translated from the Spanish into the English by Torin Jensen A body in its passerine excellence looked at me. I didn’t notice right away. It takes time to know what in reality has been passing. And so we’ve written letters, …

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