Valerie Mejer Caso

Valerie Mejer Caso was born in Mexico City. Her complete collection in the US includes Rain of the Future (Action Books, 2015) and This Blue Novel (Action Books, 2016), longlisted for the best translated book of poetry by ALTA this 2016. She was the recipient of the Gerardo Diego International Poetry Award and of three grants given by The National Council for Culture and the Arts in Mexico. She has collaborated as a painter with poets Raúl Zurita, Forrest Gander and Antonio Prete and as a poet with photographers Dan Borris, Russel Monk and Barry Shapiro. She has been translated to English, Slovenian and Portuguese.

Shattered Writing: 4 Translated Valerie Mejer Caso Poems from Edinburgh Notebook

Early in my translation of Edinburgh Notebook, the fifth book by Mexican poet Valerie Mejer Caso, I find a key. It is the epigraph to the final section, a line by Edmond Jabès: ‘All shattered writing has the form of a key.’ Not only is Jabès – the 20th century Jewish Egyptian poet who was long exiled in France – a fascinating reference point for Mejer Caso, whose own migratory poetics extends from a family history of immigrations and disrupted ties to place.

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Distance Theory | Teoría de la distancia

Translated from the Spanish into the English by Torin Jensen A body in its passerine excellence looked at me. I didn’t notice right away. It takes time to know what in reality has been passing. And so we’ve written letters, …

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