Michael Nardone

Scenic Overlook

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Wherefore my glorious Template unseen Sent before discount etymolygies Rid there of custom Commentary not confounded Chloroform refers with alertness Behold my perjury hands Command essential domestic activity Scattered by the price of liberty Judgment seat such legacy fends Faults …

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Letter to Michael Nardone

Thanks for your letter. When Kent MacCarter first invited us to co-pilot this little Cordite dinghy and asked for our thoughts on transpacificism, I fell back – on the opening lines of Richard Brautigan’s ‘Pacific Radio Fire’ – ‘The largest ocean in the world starts or ends at Monterey, California. It depends on what language you are speaking’. A tiny story of radio-burning and quotidian heartbreak, it is a narrative speck on the Pacific rim, dwarfed by ‘the hugeness of the Pacific Ocean with all its vocabularies’. Indeed, the Pacific, as a whole, is unfathomable.

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Letter to Josephine Rowe

It is tomorrow where you are. There are record heatwaves and bushfires burning through the interior. Red-brown clouds of smoke where the woodlands smolder. Here, in Montreal, we are deep in snow. Deep in snow, I mutter out loud, tromping over Mont Royal: Deep in snow, eep in ow, e – i – o. Barely a syllable seems to rise above the drifts.

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Submissions for Cordite 41: TRANSPACIFIC Now Open

Poetry for Cordite 41: TRANSPACIFIC will be guest-edited by Michael Nardone and Josephine Rowe. We will accept up to four poems per submission. This includes text, sound, image, video and other digital forms of poetry. We will once again be …

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