Mark Tredinnick

Halfway Home

Vancouver to Sydney, Monday 8 May 2012 Dawn breaks for three hours straight along the wing Of a 747, six thousand miles behind me, two thousand Miles to go, Pentecost Island like a small light off the tip Of the …

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Global Warming

For Isabelle Li Your sadness is a continent, she said; you are the frozen north. In winter, where I was a child, the soil turned to stone. The wind crept Over it like old news from the Steppe and wept; …

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Keri Glastonbury Reviews Australian Love Poems 2013

Australian Love Poems 2013In his 1951 essay ‘Against Poets’, Polish writer Witold Gombrowicz describes the poet ‘as a being who can no longer express himself as much as someone who must express – a Poem’. With such sentiment in mind I approached Australian Love Poems 2013 with some apprehension. Despite all the lofty rhetoric surrounding love poetry – and, understandably, there is plenty of it in the eloquent, generous introduction to this anthology by editor Mark Tredinnick – would it ultimately prove, as Gombrowicz might suggest, to be a ‘boring orgy’?

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Kay Rozynski Interviews Mark Tredinnick

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