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Three Poems by Rogelio Guedea

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Glazed Glitter.

     Love you, no he’s nervous, and we just now had a couple of coffees. An urban sock or about three avocados. No crap no yep. The other day. On the board, you do have milk if that will go away …

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Foliage and Grace and a New

foliage and grace and a new cup and saucer, a laugh and a lip and a laid climb sudden and at the same time patient and staring and too late and later all this and not ordinary noise and distance …

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Kay Rozynski Interviews Mark Tredinnick

I say ‘nature writing’, you see a Hallmark watercolour landscape replete with furry animals and woolly sentiment. But is this really the extent of it? What the hay is nature writing, or what isn’t? Where is the line between the natural and the human and, if there is any line at all, who put it there?

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