Mark Tredinnick

Mark Tredinnick is a celebrated poet, nature writer, essayist, and writing teacher. The winner in 2011 of the Montreal Poetry Prize and in 2012 of the Cardiff Poetry Prize, Mark is the author of Fire Diary, The Blue Plateau, The Little Red Writing Book, The Road South, The Lyrebird, and eight other works of poetry and prose. He is the editor of Australian Love Poems 2013 (Inkerman & Blunt, August 2013). His own second collection of poems, Bluewren Cantos, will be out in November 2013 (Pitt Street Poetry); a third collection, Body Copy is due in mid 2014. And he is at work on a memoir, Reading Slowly at the End of Time. A selection of his poems in English and Chinese will appear in Macao in 2014.

Halfway Home

Vancouver to Sydney, Monday 8 May 2012 Dawn breaks for three hours straight along the wing Of a 747, six thousand miles behind me, two thousand Miles to go, Pentecost Island like a small light off the tip Of the …

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Global Warming

For Isabelle Li Your sadness is a continent, she said; you are the frozen north. In winter, where I was a child, the soil turned to stone. The wind crept Over it like old news from the Steppe and wept; …

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Kay Rozynski Interviews Mark Tredinnick

I say ‘nature writing’, you see a Hallmark watercolour landscape replete with furry animals and woolly sentiment. But is this really the extent of it? What the hay is nature writing, or what isn’t? Where is the line between the natural and the human and, if there is any line at all, who put it there?

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