Divya Victor


Mesa Star Chevron Gas Station Mesa, Arizona to bend to edge to bow to restrain to end tall grasses brittlebush camphorweed pricklyleaf paperflowers a knee a handful a nod a sheaf & sign give way to yards folded mulch red …

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Residential Neighborhood Manteca, California green veer touches gray pavement touches black asphalt touches saffron turban touches black hoodie touches grey jeans touches white patka touches cream kurta touches brown foot touches gray pavement touches black asphalt touches grey jeans touches …

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Introduction to Jen Crawford’s Koel

Cover design by Zoë Sadokierski The koel is called after its call – its name is onomatopoeic, from the Greek ὀνοματοποιία: ‘ὄνομα’ for ‘name’ and ‘ποιέω’ for ‘I make’. The koel becomes itself as it sings out and is heard …

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