Dave Drayton

Michael Aiken Reviews Dave Drayton

Dave Drayton’s Haiturograms is a brief but confounding volume, available as a free PDF download and print-to-order book from Sydney-based SOd press. Like Drayton’s other work, HaiturogramS is driven by formal constraint and innovation within that constraint.

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Dave Drayton Reviews Zoe Dzunko and Sam Wagan Watson

Zoe Dzunko’s beautifully designed Selfless, published by TAR Chapbook Series, is similarly immersed in appearances and reflections – both mirror images and the act of rumination – of her many selves.

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Dave Drayton Reviews Carmine Frascarelli and Mark A Peart

In the nonfiction poetry issue of Axon that she co-edited with Ali Alizadeh, Jessica L Wilkinson highlights the impact that Jordie Albiston’s The Hanging of Jean Lee had on her as an undergraduate in 2001. Albiston’s collection is a poetic biography of Lee, the last woman to be executed in Australia. Wilkinson would later be influenced by Susan Howe – whose practice both informed and was a focus of Wilkinson’s doctoral study – to found Rabbit: a Journal of Non-fiction Poetry in 2011; however, a line can be traced from the early impact of Albiston’s book, to the journal, and on to the fledgling Rabbit Poets Series, which began with Albiston’s XIII Poems in 2013.

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Geodesic Suite (Excerpts: XX)

past planet PAST hash kibitz hurtle zone PLANET advice gift HASHURTLEDDO KIBITZONEARTHS eddo earths ADVICEYESAVINE eyes tsking savine gods GIFTSKINGODS garish sins AGOGARISHOLD BABIESINSTORKS agog babies SNAKESPITOUTER hold storks snakes wake WAKEMOTERISE touter rise BEGINS LIFE spit emoter begins life …

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