Claire Askew

Caledonian Antisyzygy: Seven Contemporary Scottish Poets

When Kent MacCarter asked me whether I’d be interested in selecting some of the younger Scottish poets for readers to sample in Cordite Poetry Review, of course I agreed … I like the way this magazine takes its introductions seriously, and wants to bring the rest of the world to Australia and vice versa. I’m the Director of the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, and there is a lot going on at the SPL, especially during the summer when the festivals are on and the desk is the last place you’re sitting.

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Bad Moon

The moon must be sick of being in poems – always gripped by fingers of late honeysuckle, always filtered in the lake through the jetty’s slats, always silvering the flicked tails of the koi. Always a dinner plate or mirror, …

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Visiting Nannie Gray

We go on Sundays to make her tea. I’ve known her years, but every week we’re introduced. She thrums my name’s soft hiss in her teeth, tells you she’s sure you and I are for keeps. We bite our lips …

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