Miriam Gamble

Caledonian Antisyzygy: Seven Contemporary Scottish Poets

When Kent MacCarter asked me whether I’d be interested in selecting some of the younger Scottish poets for readers to sample in Cordite Poetry Review, of course I agreed … I like the way this magazine takes its introductions seriously, and wants to bring the rest of the world to Australia and vice versa. I’m the Director of the Scottish Poetry Library in Edinburgh, and there is a lot going on at the SPL, especially during the summer when the festivals are on and the desk is the last place you’re sitting.

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Dressing Fleas

If we do not mass produce products, we vie with one another in the difficult, exquisite and useless art of dressing fleas Octavio Paz Mr and Mrs Flea are dressed up and ready for the celebrations. He sports a neatly …

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On Fancying American Film Stars

From the big screen, and larger than life for a week or two, which is all a tangent universe can stand, we take them home and introduce them to our modest living quarters. Their baby blues stare out at us …

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