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Christy Dena Interviews Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman is a game designer, academic and educator. He makes digital games, analogue games, installations, experimental narrative games, has written non-fiction books that are key texts in universities and is the founding faculty at the NYU Game Center.

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Christy Dena discusses ‘Emotion and the Self in Games‘ on ABC Radio National [audio:|titles=Emotional Gaming – ABC RN: The List] Emotional Gaming (7:47) | by Jason Di Rosso, Cassie McCullagh and Christy Dena

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Emotion and the Self in Games

There are some books that carry you along a journey until your tears make it impossible to read. Films and television shows, too. Games evoke emotion in a similar way to non-interactive works, with some exceptions – the greatest difference being emotion facilitated through action. In this essay, I look at games and electronic literature that have triggered my emotions, and reflect on how this was achieved. The poet, novelist, screenwriter, playwright and games writer will find similar rhetorical devices being applied in different ways.

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