The Other Eye

By | 1 July 1998

when i was getting in the clothes aired on the umbrella wires in the garden
the other eye watched me
through its post/colonial window
saying in admiration
one must really have such guys for mates
for they are so womanly

when i was backing my car out of the driveway slightly clumsily
my front wheel rolling over the curb
the other eye turned away to the grass being cut beneath
its noisy lawn-mower
thinking to himself:
these people are really no good at such things

so it was the same when i let my garden overrun with flower-dotted grass
for the other eye would simply show contempt
for such heathenish practice
or snort at my sometimes yelling to the boy
those bloody cruel animals

the other eye is omnipresent
wherever you go
whatever you do
it keeps its vigil over you

until you see it yourself
in your heart:

an eye white

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