working from home – to do list

By | 1 November 2015

12 buttons brown thread
take your psyche for a walk
pack the wheelchair
into the station wagon
for the doctor’s
kiss the cat
kiss the cat?
the cat died years ago
water the herbs
pray over the olive tree
drench your yesterdays in salt water
mend your mother’s trousers
get the sewing machine serviced
forgive someone something
try to remember what it was
cook tea tonight
it’s your turn
get the washing off the line
before it rains
make another list
fill the thesaurus
check the oil and water
in the dictionary
find a page of tomatoes
in the fruit bowl
stack the bookshelves with rice
dust the wattle
water the nouns and verbs
prune the adjectives and adverbial clauses
write a downpipe print a seedling
phone a friend
take yourself out and shake
the crumbs onto the grass
listen to mozart or the clash
bpay something
narrate a tree or a mote of dust
eat hopkins drink leonard cohen
smell the first leaves of your next book
brew them in your best pot
haiku your neighbour’s cat
finish your new cardigan
put teardrops into a dry eye
leave nothing out
and everything in the rain
including yourself

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