Posing Cards

By | 1 February 2018

found poems

i) Mom + Dad Hug

Have the couple half hug
with their arms crossing in the front.

Tell Mom to slightly lean
her head into Dad.

ii) Family of 5 Standing

Have Mom and Dad stand together
and ask Dad to put his hands in his pockets.

Tell Mom to turn toward Dad
and ‘hug’ his arm.

Ask older, taller children to stand
beside Mom and Dad

with one shoulder tucked
behind whichever parent is beside them.

Then bring in any younger children
and pose them in front.

iii) Mom + Dad Arm Hug

Have Dad stand first with his
hands in his pockets (thumbs out).

Then place Mom beside him
and ask her to hug his arm.

If they seem uncomfortable,
ask them to make silly faces

at each other
to loosen them up.

iv) Family of 5 Sitting

Modified cheerleader pose for Mom.
Same pose for Dad, but with his knee up

and his arm resting on that knee.
Bring in the older children

on the outside of Mom and Dad.
Have them sit modified cheerleader

or criss-crossed. To show connection,
tell them to link arms

with the parent beside them.
Bring in the youngest child last.

If they are young enough,
have them sit on Mom or Dad’s laps.

Try to use them to fill any empty spaces
between older family members.

v) Family of 4 Sitting

Place Mom and Dad first
in the standard Mom and Dad sitting pose.

Then bring in the children.
Have the older child sit beside Dad

in a modified cheerleader pose
and lean into him,

resting his arm on his raised knee.
Place the younger child either in Mom’s lap

or beside her in the same position
as his brother, but mirrored.

vi) Stop and Kiss

While walking away,
have Mom and Dad stop

and kiss over the child
between them.

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