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Artworld. Theoryworld. Mediaworld. Infoworld. Touristworld. Olympicworld. Foxworld. Bushworld: Oneworld
                                       Susan Buck-Morss, Art in the Age of Technological Surveillance

setting out,
                    a scarlet flower
          behind an ear,
into the wide
               world     into
                banner-adorned cities
         permanent festivity


       the road
               turns an angle
       like the dateline does
                     near Tuvalu


once,   it's said,    anticipating promise,
          they murmured
                    as they crossed,
      ?´Bush'               like
            ´ boo schh      boo schh '
            no reply

sprained               westoxified
                     for ´NightTalker',
     (the wine is under
                   the table somewhere)
       crying becomes
             a critical criterion
(the flower
              discarded )


the public sphere
newly            perceptibly
                       losing memory


re  mem   ber   Bam,
      Arg-e Bam
ancient city of sand
             and mud
            collapsing in an earthquake,
the cultural heritage building
       slipping   subsiding,
     any record
         of the archaic ruin
                     to dust


the memory


who can accept
           a given world,
who can
     live in it ?

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