The scissors hissed.

By | 14 December 2009

The scissors hissed.
it had a calming effect on deirdre, taking her back to her spool-a-day youth
the children in dirty blue tunics
Mrs Craft, knitted out of wool
the wiry hairs pulled out long and thick
Fear is in his fingerprints.
Finger and thumb deep in the eyes, he thought of Gloucester
there, in the metallic silence after the snip, there, in the silence of flowers
breathing at home
the leopards kissed,
then kissed again, loins stirring like a people liberated
until Saturn, snip snip, took over the golden age
where Heraclitus didn’t make the cut
as they pierced the flesh and broke in two
unscrewed blades to never snip again nor snipe
the snipers sniped, the scissors scissed.
So that’s final, it seems. But the story’s not ended —
another pair of scissors snip, in a cave where three women weave, a thread
spun from the first conscious breath
but whose thread woven on the shuttle of a mouth?
Mouth, wipe, and cut. Cut splashed with mouth, footsteps echoing through
the chamber, to the lips, trips and falls.
Snip, snip, snip and i felt the p[ain
and more pointedly, the question: why is it a pair of scissors,
when half of it is not a scissor on its own?
in theory perhaps it is; scissor and scissor as in soul and mate
looked upon by jealous gods, scissors split becomes just a blade that
can thrust and scrape
but cannot snip and clip, trim the bits with a clickity click
Yet torn and spineless, I know there is only one longing between us all
and that is to ride like a rebooted de Groot and open all events with fire and
gusto before the cling wrap men
smother the stars
Cut the moon with the scissors, into bite size pieces for the leopards.
Will wool chunks be enough
to plug their mad chortling?
There was a rumour that the plug had been pulled on
Evolution still-in-progress
so snip the human race into sterility and then

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