Sonnet watching Lions Love (…and Lies)

By | 1 September 2023

After Agnes Varda

Outside the rented house, Andy Warhol
is shot. RFK is shot. The camera visits a memento
store for blacklisted Hollywood stars. Yes, film is always
already nostalgic. The 60’s avenue
in colour: there are large fenders, gloriously Futurama
rococo. Agnès Varda self-directs a suicide
when a New York director says it’s tacky. Inside
3 hot white people say 60’s stuff. Viva
is drag. She has trans girl energy. You pause on the blueness
of the Pacific, the typography on buildings. You ask
your Google-Map if the buildings are still-standing in California
one is: it’s now a DMV. The bricks are stained.
one is a vacant lot: in the photo, an auction is taking place
outside, like the world’s straightest Mardi Gras. The third is —

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