The kingdom, hero absent

By | 1 August 2021

after Breath of the Wild

A still lack of verbs
in the landscape: cliffs still
the climate— rain on the grass, mist
off the streaming, lighting in
the draw-distance— still temperate,
monsters unhelpful, but no
new aggro, no
random encounters. The divine
beasts corrupted, but
still: the hot mer-folk still at risk
of fresh water, but in time
absent. The lightning storms
the chill shadow of a sky-box
of birds, a death
mountain. As sealed away as the villain
in the castle, the sword
in the stone in the forest . The end always
now, a one chosen
by you/ the fish king, father of your crush/ principal/
side/shrine quests. You

picture: the hero face down
a river-shallow, the bank light blue
pink flowers, a play
of reciprocal in/output/ a fire blade
an elite moblin still
victorious, words interrupting
the still, no, do it once
more: the open-world such as
it is: The cliff existing
to climb, the people to
save repeatedly, forked lightning to conduct
along forged weapons, sans
warning, the fox in the brush for
resources. Link the fire. The world/you still
exist. But

picture: land still
but alive: you must still
but the grass a river
in full hale, against your feet
absent, an exhale, a wind through non-
– existent grass blades. You
still but in your absence
horses over the ruined, reclaimed hill
mountain goats on the lip of cliff
without danger, fish
in the rivers/creeks sea
birds around the overgrown remains
of a still stable.

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