Queer Birthday Call

By | 3 February 2024

Morgan says, happy birthing
of the meat. Time isn’t
real, Billie says, but the body trusts it
still like a loser. Discord is
shit, the world is a fuck and you’re
older and
dad to a shifty cat; Ulysses
is a good birthday name, but I don’t
think Have a Birth
-Day like a Cat is sound advice.
There’s an essay What is it Like
to Be a Bat? It involves a sounding
an urn with a tiny hammer, to probe the noise
echoed, but then— says Ren—
that’s just every day, each stich unravelling
in the sun, unfolding like a child
into a wariness. I talk
sometimes in my sleep, lower jaw
cracks like ice, seams along
an umbilicus of air, releasing Jurassic
-era carbon. You apologise
for the wifi-quality
our avatars laugh like fire

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