By | 1 September 2023


All of that heat
All of the first times
All of the people watching
All of the freshly shaven people on dates
All of the friends on their phones waiting to hear how it went
All of the celebrities sitting on toilets
All of the ones you thought died years ago but then do on the one day you don’t feel ready


All of the astronauts with their tears for Earth gravitied to their faces
All of the quiet rocks comforting them in long slow circles
All of the things that trying to grow:
The feelings of teenagers
The torsos of handsome flowers
The sins of Facebook and other air pollutants
All of the music in the ears of kids walking home from school
All of the average screen times of 6 hours 11 minutes per day


All of your major loves doing minor things in a house you’ve never slept in
All of the people in hospital waiting rooms who didn’t dress for devastation
All of the split seconds of no contact before accidents
All of the early morning joggers trying get up without waking the whole house
All of the $1 coffees pouring in all of the 7-Elevens
All of the chance meetings interrupting plans to die young’


All of the drafts of difficult conversations in Notes apps
All of the newsreaders hoping for once, just for today, nothing fucking happens.
All of the books holding their tongues in late afternoon libraries
All of the people saying ‘all y’all’ and not realising that it translates to ‘all you all’
All of the people trying desperately not to laugh
All of the people trying desperately not to cry
All of the prayers to the air
All of the minutes that shimmer with death
All of the life slipping down throats
All of the joy coming back up


All of that energy
All at once
All of that matter
Is –


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