By | 1 September 2023

after Gone Girl

I am the space between
your thoughts.
The hiss, the twitch, the sound
of bones that crack in a double-take,
recollection. I am lost in a flood of faces.

I am the tattoo you try to hide,
the name you bury in your backyard.
I am roots and petals. The prickle of a thorn.
The green that gets grassier each day.

I am pins and needles. The missing
button of your favorite shirt.
The stench you just can’t get rid of
in pipelines, on walls you paint
over and over again.

I am the jacket you leave behind
when it starts to drizzle, when it
storms. The itch on your back
that you can’t reach.

I am high and mighty, Godlike, immortal.
I am permanence. The moon
that follows you everywhere. Nostalgia.
Find me in the ocean beneath your bed.

I am the song you hear on the radio.
Go ahead, scream. You remember
everything: the rhythm, the lyrics, words
left unsaid. I linger like an afterthought.

And when you see my name again
on billboards
on paper
on someone else’s skin
I hope it stings, forever.

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