1 April 2011

after ‘Midday’ by So˘ Cho˘ngju.

When you leave me,
part of your heart

will still beat

in the empty space
between my sheets.

When you go,
the imprint of your body

will throb in the darkness

on the mattress
next to me.

And when I stretch out,
my arm to feel you

your absent fingers

will trail up the veins
in my arm.

But for now,
you fall asleep

with your arms around me

warmed by the red neon
of the Safeway sign.

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Cassandra Atherton

About Cassandra Atherton

Cassandra Atherton is a Lecturer in Literary Studies and Creative Writing at Deakin University. She has published a book of literary criticism, Flashing Eyes and Floating Hair: A Study of Gwen Harwood, Äôs Pseudonymous Poetry (Australian Scholarly Press, 2007), a book of poetry, After Lolita (Ahadada Press, 2010), and a novel, The Man Jar (Printed Matter Press, 2010). She is currently working on a book, Wise Guys, about American public intellectuals, based on her interviews with Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Harold Bloom, Camille Paglia, Stephen Greenblatt and many more.

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