Colourful Moths of North Korea

By | 1 April 2011

From a philatelic point of view North Korea has a lot to offer.

When the lights all went out
The sales assistant turned to a torch.

A rust-coloured Antheraea pernyi
Flew into the spotlight.

Antheraea yamami glowed yellow
Beside the drab of Bombyx mori L.

Outside the buildings cast no shadows
And found no light.

Outside the workers made common cause
Amid the gloom.

Aetras artemis priced for airmail and out of reach
A silk-moth cocooned in the fold of a curtain.

By torchlight we trafficked
Foreign customers among the official stamps.

Until the power returned and the fluoros
Resumed their humming

And the Pyongyang Stamp Shop Lepidoptera
Flew into the trap of light.

Outside the city faded into murk
Why do the worst dictatorships have the most beautiful stamps?

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